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How to change the cell value of selected cells in WPF DataGrid (SfDataGrid)?

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You can select multiple cells by setting SelectionUnit as Cell or Any and SelectionMode as Multiple or Extended in WPF DataGrid (SfDataGrid). You can edit and change the value of all the selected cells when editing completes by handling SfDataGrid.CurrentCellEndEdit event.

You have to set value for all the selected cells in CurrentCellEndEdit event as shown in the below code snippet. If the current cell property type is not matched with selected cells type, then you have to convert the value to associated type of respective cells.


void sfdatagrid_CurrentCellEndEdit(object sender, CurrentCellEndEditEventArgs args)
  var selectedcells = this.sfdatagrid.GetSelectedCells();
  var propertyAccessProvider= this.sfdatagrid.View.GetPropertyAccessProvider();
  var itemProperties = this.sfdatagrid.View.GetItemProperties();
  var newValue = propertyAccessProvider.GetValue(this.sfdatagrid.CurrentItem, this.sfdatagrid.CurrentColumn.MappingName);
  if (selectedcells.Count > 0)
       selectedcells.ForEach(item =>
          var cellInfo = item as GridCellInfo;
          var propInfo = itemProperties.Find(cellInfo.Column.MappingName, true);
          if (propInfo != null && propInfo.PropertyType == newValue.GetType())
            propertyAccessProvider.SetValue(cellInfo.RowData, cellInfo.Column.MappingName, newValue);
          else if (propInfo != null)
            var value = Convert.ChangeType(newValue, propInfo.PropertyType);
            propertyAccessProvider.SetValue(cellInfo.RowData, cellInfo.Column.MappingName, value);
     catch (Exception e)


Selected cells region in WPF DataGrid


Reflected the changed value in all selected cells

View sample in GitHub.

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