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What is reason for GroupCaptionPlusMinus image is disappearing in WinForms GridGroupingControl?

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Caption image

The CounterLogic property is used to be within the engine. If you have large data source and need support for groups and filtered records, you can reduce the memory footprint by selectively disabling counters that you do not need in your application.

Since we have large data in the application, the Group Caption Image is not properly viewed always. Hence, using CounterLogic would reduce the memory footprint and all the data will be displayed always.


gridgroupingcontrol.CounterLogic = EngineCounters.FilteredRecords; //Smallest memory footprint.



gridgroupingcontrol.CounterLogic = EngineCounters.FilteredRecords 'Smallest memory footprint.



Image is disappear in GridGroupingControl


C#: GroupCaptionPlusMinusCell_CS

VB: GroupCaptionPlusMinusCell_VB

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