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How to provide null value to NumericTextBox?

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To provide null value to NumericTextBox, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Create the NumericTextBox sample and include the necessary source files.

Step 2: First create an instance for NumericTextBox.

Step 3: By using the object, set allownull property to true such that the value will be empty. And set the Contentview.

Step 4: And by using StackLayout add the children principalNumericTextBox.

Code Snippet

public class NumericTextBox


    public NumericTextBox()


        SfNumericTextBox  principalNumericTextBox = new SfNumericTextBox();

        principalNumericTextBox.AllowNull = true;

        this.Content = GetNumeric();


    private StackLayout GetNumeric()


        var mainStack = new StackLayout


 Children = { principalLayout }


          return mainStack;




The following image provides null value to NumericTextBox:

NumericTextBox Null Value

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