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How to update credential details on the connection string for Report Server MS SQL Server database ?

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How to update credential details on the connection string for Report Server MS SQL Server database ?

The credentials used to connect to the Report Server database in the Syncfusion Report Server can be changed at any time.

Report Server is deployed in the below location by default.

{Windows_Drive}\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.web\

For example, C:\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.web\

We have shipped a utility with the Syncfusion Report Server application in the below location.

{Windows_Drive}\Syncfusion\Report Server\Utilities\ConnectionStringEditor


Figure 1: ConnectionStringEditor utility installed location.


Follow the below steps to change the Database Credentials,

Step 1: Stop the Report Server from the Desktop shortcut – “Stop Syncfusion Report Server”

Figure 2: Stop Syncfusion Report Server.

Step 2: Open the ConnectionStringEditor.exe tool in installed location.




Figure 3: Syncfusion Report Server - Connection String Editor form display.


Step 3: The connection details that were supplied while starting up the Report Server application will be populated in the utility. The utility will allow to change the Authentication Type and the Server and Database name will not be able to change.


Figure 4: Select Windows Authentication type.


Figure 5: Select SQL Server Authentication type.

Note: This utility cannot be used when SQL CE database is chosen as the Report Server database in the Syncfusion Report Server.

Step 4: If “SQL Server Authentication” type selected it requires Login and Password to fill. In case of Windows Authentication type it doesn’t need to be filled. After filling the connection details proceed to save.

The utility will test the connection to the database with the given details. If the connection test passes, the new connection details will be updated in the connection string of the Report Server database.



Figure 6: Save the connection details.


The tool will change the Database Credentials and will return a “success” message if the process underwent successfully.

If there is an error occurred in the process, the tool will generate an error log in text format in the below location and display the error log file name.

Error log file location: %temp%/Syncfusion Report Server/{file_name}

Please create a support incident attaching this error log file for us to check the issue and give a solution.

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