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How to add suggestion list in Autocomplete?

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To add suggestion list in AutoComplete, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Create AutoComplete sample and include the necessary source files.

Step 2: Create an instance for AutoComplete.

Step 3: Create an instance for List and populate it using Add() function.

Step 4: Then assign the populated list to AutoComplete’s AutoCompleSource property.


public partial class AutoCompletePage : ContentPage    {        SfAutoComplete autoComplete;        public AutoCompletePage()        {            InitializeComponent();            autoComplete = new SfAutoComplete();            autoComplete.MaximumDropDownHeight = 200;            autoComplete.Watermark = "Enter Text";            List<string> list = new List<string>();            list.Add("Uganda");            list.Add("Ukraine");            list.Add("United Arab Emirates");            list.Add("United Kingdom");            list.Add("United States");            list.Add("Uruguay");            list.Add("Uzbekistan");            autoComplete.AutoCompleteSource = list;            StackLayout stack = new StackLayout();            stack.Children.Add(autoComplete);            stack.Padding = new Thickness(20, 100);            this.Content = stack;        }    }


The following screenshot tells us how to add suggestion list in autocomplete:


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