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Silent installation of Metro Studio

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Follow the given steps to install through Command Line in Silent mode.

1. Double-click the Syncfusion Metro Studio installer file. The Self-Extractor Wizard opens and extracts the package automatically.

2. The SyncfusionMetroStudio_{version}.exe file is extracted into the Temp folder.

3. Run %temp%. The Temp folder opens. The SyncfusionMetroStudio_{version}.exe file is available in one of the folders.



4. Copy the SyncfusionMetroStudio_{version}.exe file in local drive. Example: D:\temp

5. Cancel the wizard.

6. Open Command Prompt in administrator mode and pass the following arguments.


“Installer file path\ SyncfusionMetroStudio_{version}.exe” /Install silent /PIDKEY:“(product unlock key)” [/log “{Log file path}”] [/InstallPath:{Location to install}]


"C:\Users\Syncfusion\Downloads\SyncfusionMetroStudio_5.0.1.1.exe" /install silent /PIDKEY:"key" /log "C:\log.log" /InstallPath:"C:\Syncfusion"

Installing Syncfusion metro studio using command prompt

7. Now Syncfusion Metro Studio will be installed in your machine.



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