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How to use Syncfusion UWP controls in C++ projects

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Our UWP controls can used with C++ application by using Windows Runtime Component. In this you can add our control in Windows Runtime Component and refer the control in C++ project.

We have prepared simple SfTabControl sample using Windows Runtime Component. Refer the following steps how to use our UWP control in C++ application.

Step 1: Create a Windows Runtime Component


Step 2: Add our extension in Window Runtime project.


Step 3: Add UserControl item in Windows Runtime project.


Step 4: Add our SfTabControl in the UserControl .

Step 5: Create a C++ Universal Windows App project

Step 6: Add Windows Runtime Project reference to C++ project.

Step 7: Add CustomTab (UserControl) in C++ project using CustomComponent reference.

Step 8: Build and deploy C++ project and run the project.

Download the sample from following link,

C++ Sample Application

Refer the following article to get much more understanding of Windows Runtime Component,

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