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How to change the sort icon placement for child table in WinForms GridGroupingControl?

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Sort icon placement

By default, the sort icon will be displayed in the respective column headers which are sorted at right side. The sort icon place can be changed by using the SortIconPlacement property.

The sort icon placement can be changed for nested table by getting the nested table using GetTableControl method.


this.groupingGrid1.GetTableControl("Products").SortIconPlacement = SortIconPlacement.Top;
this.groupingGrid1.GetTableControl("OrderDetails").SortIconPlacement = SortIconPlacement.Left;



Me.groupingGrid1.GetTableControl("Products").SortIconPlacement = SortIconPlacement.Top
Me.groupingGrid1.GetTableControl("OrderDetails ").SortIconPlacement = SortIconPlacement.Left


Sort icon placement for child table


C#: Sort_Icon_Placement

VB: Sort_Icon_Placement

Reference link:

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