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Troubleshooting Hadoop service failure

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If any of the Hadoop services failed, then try Stop and Start the Hadoop services from the Service Manager. Even after restarting, if problem occurred, then check any of the following solutions,


S No





Name node failed to start

  1. Name node folder missing under the path

“$InstalledPath \BigDataSDK\Metadata\data\dfs\namenode”

  1. Name node format is not completed properly.


Steps to format Name node via Service Manager:



Formatting Name node will clear all the data in your cluster.


  1. Launch service manager from the “Syncfusion Big Data Platform” dashboard.

Big Data Dashboard


  1. Format the Name node by clicking the “Format Hadoop” button in the Service Manager.

Service Manager

  1. Then start the Hadoop services by clicking the “Start Hadoop Services” button in the Service Manager.

Service Manager



Data node failure

Cluster ID version of Name node and Data node mismatch


Formatting Name node will be the solution for this case. Refer the steps mentioned in #1 to format the Name node.



Reason for Cluster ID mismatch:

  1. Formatting Name node is one of the reasons for the Cluster ID mismatch.


Steps to ensure the Cluster ID in Name node and in Data node:

  1. Check the Version file in the below mentioned locations and find whether the cluster ID is same or not.

Version file Path:

$InstalledPath\BigDataSDK\Metadata\data\dfs\datanode\current\Version (check clusterID in the file)

      $InstalledPath\BigDataSDK\Metadata\data\dfs\ namenode \current\Version (check clusterID in the file)



Service Manager shows alert while starting Hadoop services.


Syncfusion Big Data Agent is not running. Please restart it in Windows services to manage Hadoop service.


Syncfusion Big Data Agent service may be stopped or uninstalled.



Big Data Studio application requires 2 dependent window services listed below for its proper functioning,

  1. Syncfusion Big Data Agent
  2. Syncfusion Big Data Remote Agent



To start “Syncfusion Big Data Agent” service in the system. It can be done in below mentioned two different ways,


From Task Manager:

  1. Open the Task Manager.
  2. Under Services tab, find the services “Syncfusion Big Data Agent” and “Syncfusion Big Data Remote Agent”.
  3. Make sure that both services are running.
  4. If any of the service is not running, right click the service and start it. 

Task Manager




From Command Prompt:

  1. If you cannot find any service in Task Manager, you will need to start the mentioned services manually.
  2. Open the command prompt with Administrator privilege.
  3. Change directory $InstalledPath\${BigDataVersion}\Agent.
  4. Install the service using below syntax.

“ServiceName start”

      E.g.: SyncfusionBigDataAgent.exe start

Command Prompt

If the window services are not properly running, restart the system once and try to start the service again from services window.


Then try to start the Hadoop services from the Service Manager.




If a port on a machine is already in use and a Hadoop services (Name node, Job tracker, Data node, Task tracker etc.) tries to create its service on that same port.


Port details of the Hadoop services:



Name node


Data node

50075, 50010, 50020

Resource Manager

8088, 8033, 8030, 8032,8031,8088,

Node Manager


Job History

10033, 19888, 13562, 10020



You can find the exception details under the below specified path with the service name as a log file name

“$InstalledPath \BigDataSDK\Metadata\”.


  1. Use the “netstat -a -n -o” command to find whether the ports listening or not.
  2. Kill the listening port which causes bind exception and start the Hadoop services from the Service Manager.




Insufficient disk space

Insufficient disk space in the drive which has the Hadoop “data” directory.


Directory path as follows,

“$InstalledPath \BigDataSDK\Metadata\data”


  • Try removing the unwanted data from the drive.



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