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Why check box is not working fine in WinForms GridControl?

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Cell value type

The Boolean CellValueType, the check box selection will not work properly. The check mark will be enabled only after 2 clicks with the following code,


gridControl1[rowIndex, CheckBoxColumnIndex].CellValueType = typeof(bool);



gridControl1(rowIndex, CheckBoxColumnIndex).CellValueType = GetType(Boolean)



This issue can be resolved by handling the intermediate option through the CheckBoxOptions property. Pass flateLook value as true to draw the flat checkbox, otherwise false.


gridControl1[rowIndex, CheckBoxColumnIndex].CheckBoxOptions = new GridCheckBoxCellInfo("true", "false", "indeterminate", true);



gridControl1(rowIndex, CheckBoxColumnIndex).CheckBoxOptions = New GridCheckBoxCellInfo("true", "false", "indeterminate", True)



C#: CheckBox_C#

VB: CheckBox_VB

Reference link:


I hope you enjoyed learning on why the check box is not working fine when the CellValueType is set to bool in WinForms GridControl.

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