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How to restrict the shortcut buttons in WinForms GridGroupingControl?

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Restrict the shortcut key

In order to restrict the command of the shortcut buttons in grid, ProcessCmdKey method of Form can be used. In the below article, the Ctrl+Shift+R key which invokes the reset command has been restricted.


protected override bool ProcessCmdKey(ref Message msg, Keys keyData)
   //To restrict the Ctrl+Shift+R key.
   if(keyData==(Keys.Control | Keys.Shift | Keys.R))
      return true;
   return base.ProcessCmdKey(ref msg, keyData);


Protected Overrides Function ProcessCmdKey(ByRef msg As Message, ByVal keyData As Keys) As Boolean
   'To restrict the Ctrl+Shift+R key.
   If keyData=(Keys.Control Or Keys.Shift Or Keys.R) Then
      Return True
   End If
   Return MyBase.ProcessCmdKey(msg, keyData)
End Function


C#: Disable_ShortcutButtons_CS

VB: Disable_ShortcutButtons_VB

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