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How to improve performance when doing bulk changes in Xamarin.Android DataGrid?

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The SfDataGrid refreshes the view, whenever a new item is added or removed to its collection. Thus, when you perform a bulk changes continuously it may appear like the performance is affected as the grid is refreshed when each item is added or removed. In order to overcome this performance lag SfDataGrid allows you to suspend the updates and resume it to refresh the grid at once.

The SfDataGrid.View.BeginInit method suspends the view updates and the SfDataGrid.View.EndInit method resumes the updates and refreshes the grid.

dataGrid.AllowLoadMore = true;
dataGrid.LoadMoreCommand = new Command(ExecuteLoadMoreCommand);
public async void ExecuteLoadMoreCommand()
    dataGrid.IsBusy = true;
    await Task.Delay(5000);
    dataGrid.IsBusy = false;
// ViewModel.cs
public void LoadMoreItems()
    for (int i = 1; i <= 50; i++)
        Collection.Add(repository.CreateItem(Collection.Count + 1));
// ModelRepository.cs
public Model CreateItem(int customerID)
    Model model = new Model();
    model.CustomerID = customerID;
    model.CustomerName = CustomerName[random.Next(10)];
    model.OrderID = random.Next(100, 500);
    model.ShipCountry = ShipCountry[random.Next(20)];
    return model;


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How to improve performance when doing bulk changes in SfDataGrid



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