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How to bind .NET WebForms Chart with data from SQL Database?

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ASP.NET MVC Chart can bind with DataTableList and any implementation of IListIEnumerable, etc. We can use DataTable to connect and retrieve the data from SQL Database and then bind the DataTable with chart.

The following code snippet illustrates retrieving data from database

DataTable table = new DataTable();     SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter();
//Create a connection to SQL DataBase
SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(connectionString);
//Select all the records in database
string command = "select * from simple_Data";
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(command, con);
adapter.SelectCommand = cmd;
//Retrieve the records from databas     adapter.Fill(table);


After retrieving the data from database, we can bind it with chart using the DataSource property and DataBind method of Chart. A field in data table that corresponds to the X values (values along x-axis) of chart should be mapped with the property XName of the series. Similarly, field corresponding to the Y values should be mapped with the YName property of series.

For the OHLC type series, you have to map four fields HighLowOpen and Close to bind the data source and for the bubble series you have to map the Size field along with the XName and YName properties.


The following code snippet illustrates binding the retrieved data with Chart

//Set DataTable as data source to Chart
this.Chart1.DataSource = table;
//Mapping a field with x-value of chart
this.Chart1.Series[0].XName = "xName";
//Mapping a field with y-value of Chart
this.Chart1.Series[0].YName = "yName";
//Bind the DataTable with Chart


The following screenshot displays a simple chart bounded to data from SQL Database

Chart bounded to data from SQL Database

Sample link: SQLDataBinding



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