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How to solve the Azure hosting issue 'No valid combination of account information found'?

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While hosting the Report Server application as Web App in the Azure, Azure blob storage is used to store our resources. Azure storage account details are to be added in our web.config files as per the below UG document.

The connection types that can be configured to connect to the Azure storage account are http, https and customendpoint.


When using http or https, Azure throws the exception “No valid combination of account information found” due to parsing issues in the Azure connection string.


To avoid this, we recommend everyone to use “customendpoint” as the connection type for connecting the Azure storage account.


Change the properties AzureStorageConnectionType and AzureStorageBlobURL in the web.config files as like the below image.

web.config files that are to changed are

  1. site\wwwroot\web.config
  2. site\wwwroot\App_Data\jobs\continuous\ReportServerScheduler\Syncfusion.Server.Base.ReportScheduler.AzureWebJob.exe.config
  3. site\wwwroot\API\Web.Config

Values to be changed are:

  1. Set the “AzureStorageConnectionType” as customendpoint”.
  2. Set the “AzureStorageBlobURL” same as that of the “AzureStorageBlobServiceEndpoint”.
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