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How to change Suggestion Mode in SfAutoComplete

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Syncfusion SfAutocomplete in Xamarin has the feature of different Suggestion mode. The list of Suggestion mode is given below.


  • StartsWith
  • StartsWithCaseSensitive
  • Contains
  • ContainsWithCaseSensitive
  • Equals
  • EqualsWithCaseSensitive
  • EndsWith
  • EndsWithCaseSensitive


To add Data source in autocomplete follow the below given procedure:


Step 1: Create the autocomplete sample with all necessary assemblies.


Step 2: Create a class Countrylist and create an instance for list called countryList and then add the countries in the list using the function Add ().


Step 3: Mention any one of the above suggestion mode in the program.


The below code illustrates the way to achieve this.


Code snippet:


namespace Autocomplete
public partial class AutocompletePage : ContentPage
    public AutocompletePage()
        //Initialize the autocomplete control.
        SfAutoComplete autocomplete = new SfAutoComplete();
        autocomplete.SuggestionMode = SuggestionMode.StartsWith;
        //List to be shown in the autocomplete control
        List<string> countryList = new List<string>();
        countryList.Add("United States");
        countryList.Add("United Kingdom");
        autocomplete.AutoCompleteSource = countryList;
        //Layou for the autocomplete control
        StackLayout autocompleteLayout = new StackLayout();
        Content = autocompleteLayout;



Image for Suggestion Mode StartWith:


Suggestion Mode StartWith in SfAutoComplete




Image for Suggestion Mode StartsWithCaseSensitive:



Suggestion Mode StartsWithCaseSensitive in SfAutoComplte



Image for Suggestion Mode Contains:



Suggestion Mode Contains SfAutoComplete


Image for Suggestion Mode ContainsWithCaseSensitive:



Suggestion Mode ContainsWithCaseSensitive in SfAutoComplete





Image for Suggestion Mode Equals:



Suggestion Mode Equals in SfAutoComplete


Image for Suggestion Mode EqualsWithCaseSensitive:



Suggestion Mode EqualsWithCaseSensitive



Image for Suggestion Mode EndsWithCaseSensitive:


Suggestion Mode EqualsWithCaseSensitive  SfAutoComplete


Image for Suggestion Mode EndsWith:


Suggestion Mode EndsWith SfAutoComplete


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