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How to resolve linking error when debugging an iOS application using XlsIO?

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When using Syncfusion.XlsIO.Portable class library in iOS application, the following settings must be done to execute in iOS devices.

Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio (Recommended):    

1.      Link behavior: Link SDK assemblies only (otherwise classes you need in Syncfusion.XlsIO.Portable.dll are linked away).   

Xamarin iOS Build

2.      Enable debugging: Unchecked (this is to create a smaller binary, since adding debug information makes it somewhat bigger).   

Xamarin SampleBrowser debugging

Applying these settings will execute the application properly in iOS device.    

You might face the following issues, if the above mentioned build options are missed out.    

·         You might get "Native linking error" while compiling.    

·         You might face runtime Exception ("System.TypeInitializationException").    


You can also refer to the ReadMe file for older Xamarin Studio version in the following link. 

ReadMe for Xamarin Studio (older version):   



This issue has been rectified in the sixth generation devices.  



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