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How to customize the timescale labels appearance?

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This article describes how to customize the timescale labels appearance.



This requirement can be achieved by setting the LabelTemplate property in timescale tier.


The following code sample illustrates the label template usage along with alignment customization.


    <DataTemplate x:Key="TopTierLabelTemplate">
        <Border BorderBrush="Blue" BorderThickness="2" Background="SkyBlue">
            <TextBlock Text="{Binding Content}" Foreground="Red"
                   TextAlignment="{Binding LabelAlignment}" FontSize="25"/>
<gantt:SfGantt ItemsSource="{Binding TaskCollection}">
                <gantt:TimescaleTier LabelTemplate="{StaticResource TopTierLabelTemplate}"/>



this.Gantt.TimescaleSettings.TopTier.LabelTemplate = this.MainGrid.Resources["TopTierLabelTemplate"] as DataTemplate;


The following screenshot is the output of the above code.



Please find the required sample from the link.

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