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How to create GridTemplateColumn in code-behind?

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SfDataGrid allows you to load custom views in its grid cell using the GridTemplateColumn. It can be created both in XAML and in the code behind. You can load any view inside the grid cell by customizing the DataTemplate property of the GridTemplateColumn.

The below code illustrates how to add GridTemplateColumn in code-behind.

public partial class MainPage : ContentPage
       private SfDataGrid sfDataGrid;
       private OrderInfoRepository gridData;
       public MainPage()
          sfDataGrid = new SfDataGrid();
          gridData = new OrderInfoRepository();
          sfDataGrid.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
          var templateColumn=new GridTemplateColumn()
              MappingName = "OrderID", 
              HeaderText = "OrderID", 
            var dataTemplate = new DataTemplate(()=>
                var label = new SfLabel()
                    TextColor = Color.Blue,
                    VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.Center,
                label.SetBinding(SfLabel.TextProperty, "OrderID");
                return label;
            templateColumn.CellTemplate = dataTemplate;
            sfDataGrid.Columns.Add(new GridTextColumn() { MappingName = "CustomerID", Width = 100 });
            sfDataGrid.Columns.Add(new GridTextColumn() { MappingName = "ShipCountry", Width = 100 });
            sfDataGrid.ItemsSource = gridData.OrderInfoCollection;
            this.Content = sfDataGrid;


On executing the above code example, the below output is obtained.



Sample Link

How to create GridTemplateColumn in code-behind?


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