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How to Generate Unlock Key for Essentials Studio Products

2 mins read

Unlock key generation for Licensed products

Step 1: Login and go to Downloads and Keys page.

Step 2: Choose the platform of your choice from the listed licenses and click Get Unlock key.

In the below scenario, we have the license for the Essential Studio Enterprise Edition(ES) and the same is applicable for the other platforms as well.

Step 3: A pop-up window will be shown. Please select the Version of the product for which you want the Unlock Key and the key will be generated.


Step 4: You can unlock your setups using the generated Key.

Essential Studio PHP installer

Here PHP installer is given as demo since the ES unlock key can be used for all the individual platform installer and as well as the ES installer.

Unlock key generation for Trial products

Step 1: Login and go to Trial downloads & keys page. All the active trials associated with your account will be listed in this page.

If there are no trials associated means you can start the trial of the platform of your choice from the start trial page

Step 2: Please choose the platform of your choice and click the “Get Unlock Key” link in the license, please refer to the screenshot below.

In the below scenario we have the license for the ASP NET Core and the same is applicable for other platforms as well if you have the trial for other platforms.

Step 3: A pop-up will be shown which has the Unlock key generated also indicating the version of the product, which can be used to install your setup. Please refer to the following screenshot.



For License key generation please refer to the steps in this KB.

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