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How to apply different color to the individual data points of a chart series in WinForms ?

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We can apply different color to the individual chart series in a chart. For example, we can apply different color for each bar in the bar chart or for each slice in a Pie chart.

The following code example illustrates applying different colors to the chart series.

private void CreatePresentation() 
//Create a PowerPoint presentation instance 
IPresentation presentation = Presentation.Create();  
//Create a blank slide 
ISlide slide = presentation.Slides.Add(SlideLayoutType.Blank);  
//Add a chart in specific location 
IPresentationChart chart = slide.Charts.AddChart(270, 70, 500, 400); 
//Set the chart data 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(1, 1, "Gender"); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(1, 2, "Male"); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(1, 3, "Female"); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(2, 1, "Accommodation"); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(3, 1, "Food"); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(4, 1, "Cosmetics"); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(5, 1, "Cloths"); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(6, 1, "Medicines"); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(2, 2, 30); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(3, 2, 60); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(4, 2, 45); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(5, 2, 55); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(6, 2, 15); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(2, 3, 60); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(3, 3, 30); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(4, 3, 75); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(5, 3, 15); 
chart.ChartData.SetValue(6, 3, 35); 
//Specifies the chart title 
chart.ChartTitle = "Expenses";  
//Create a new chart-series with the name 
IOfficeChartSerie serieForMale = chart.Series.Add("Male"); 
//Set the data range for chart 
serieForMale.Values = chart.ChartData[2, 2, 6, 2]; 
//Create a new chart-series with the name 
IOfficeChartSerie serieForFemale = chart.Series.Add("Female"); 
//Set the data range for chart 
serieForFemale.Values = chart.ChartData[2, 3, 6, 3]; 
//Set the data range for category axis 
chart.PrimaryCategoryAxis.CategoryLabels = chart.ChartData[2, 1, 6, 1];  
//Set the chart type as bar chart 
chart.ChartType = OfficeChartType.Bar_Clustered; 
//Set color for the serie of male 
//Set color for the serie of femle 
//Save the presentation into memory stream 
//Close the presentation intstance 
/// <summary> 
/// Set the color to serie datapoints 
/// </summary> 
/// <param name="serie">Represent the serie of the chart</param> 
private void SetColorForSerie(IOfficeChartSerie serie) 
for (int i = serie.Values.FirstRow; i <= serie.Values.LastRow; i++) 
int percentage = Convert.ToInt32(serie.Values.GetValue(i, serie.Values.FirstColumn)); 
if (percentage > 50) 
serie.DataPoints[i - serie.Values.FirstRow].DataFormat.Fill.ForeColorIndex = OfficeKnownColors.Orange; 
serie.DataPoints[i - serie.Values.FirstRow].DataFormat.Fill.ForeColorIndex = OfficeKnownColors.Violet; 


The following screen shot displays the pie chart and bar with different color.


pie chart bar chart


Please find the sample from this link.


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