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How to use a circular gauge control as a Quarter Gauge in Xamarin. Android application?

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This article explains you to design a Quarter Gauge using Xamarin Circular Gauge.


Circular Gauge can be used Quarter Gauge for various scenarios and control can be customized accordingly.


The following screenshot displays the Quarter Gauge using circular gauge.


Quarter Gauge using SfCircularGauge



Import the SfGauge namespace as shown below,






  1. How to use CircularGauge as Quarter Gaugeā€


Create a Xamarin application and initialize SfCircularGauge control in it. Set Gauge type as NorthWest using GaugeType property in order achieve Quarter Gauge.





  <gauge:SfCircularGauge  GaugeType="NorthWest" BackgroundColor="Black" >
    <gauge:SfCircularGauge.Scales >
      <gauge:Scale x:Name="scale"  ShowLabels="false" StartValue="0" EndValue="100" Interval="10"  RimThickness="20" RimColor="Transparent" MinorTicksPerInterval="1">


Range can be used to know the percentage battery life.




    <gauge:Range  StartValue="0" Offset="0.15" EndValue="20" Thickness="30" Color="#3B3D3B" />
    <gauge:Range  StartValue="20" Offset="0.15" EndValue="70" Thickness="30" Color="#747673" />
    <gauge:Range  StartValue="70" Offset="0.15" EndValue="100" Thickness="30" Color="#C5C7C4" />


Add Needle Pointer to show current battery life




    <gauge:NeedlePointer Value="30" KnobRadius="50" Color="#FF6527"  Type="Triangle"
           Thickness="20" KnobColor="#FF6527"  LengthFactor="0.8"/>


Using Major and Minor Ticks, Quarter gauge can be customized in circular gauge



    <gauge:TickSettings Length="28" Color ="White" Thickness="5"/>
    <gauge:TickSettings  Length="18" Color ="White" Offset="0.05"  Thickness="5"/>


Finally, add header to indicate percentage value of battery, since header can be positioned as required.




    <gauge:Header Text="" Position="0.2,0.45" TextSize="45" ForegroundColor="White"/>





Output for the above code snippet-


Quarter Gauge using SfCircularGauge




SfCircularGauge type is determined by positioning the control towards particular direction. GaugeType is an enum property that provides the option to select type of the SfCircularGauge type

Please refer the following link for better understanding,


Output for the above code snippet for GaugeType as NorthEast-



Quarter Gauge using SfCircularGauge


I hope you enjoyed learning about how to use a circular gauge control as a Quarter Gauge in Xamarin.Android application.

You can refer to our Xamarin circular gauge feature tour page to know about its other groundbreaking feature representations and documentation, and how to quickly get started for configuration specifications. You can also explore our Xamarin circular gauge example to understand how to create and manipulate data.

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