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How to Add or Remove user in portal?

5 mins read

You can add users in portal using following steps:

This option available for Portal (Admin, Power User, Technical Admin).

  1. Login and go to Portal page. This option available in “My Dashboard” page under “Enterprise Portal” section and click “Manage License”, please find the below screenshot.

Manage license tab

  1. If you have multiple portals, please select the portal to add users.

List of portals

  1. Please click the “View”, please find the below screenshot.

Portal action

  1. You can add Single user or Multiple users, please find below screenshot.

Add user section



A user can be added to different portals, but not to the same portal again.


Add Single user:

  1. Then click “Add Single user”, the popup window will open, please file the details then click “Add Userbutton.

Add new user form

  1. You can create the new project while adding user in portal.

Create new project option

  1. After, this user added successfully.

Portal user list


Add Multiple users:


  1. Select Add Multiple users” option, the popup window will open, please download our sample Excel Template. Then add the user in excel and upload that file using our file upload option. Please click (dot) icon. Please find the below screenshot.

Add multiple users window

  1. Then click “Upload” button. The user will be added successfully.

You can Remove the users from portal using following steps:


  1. Please select the user in portal detail page and click the action icon and then click “Delete” option. Please find below screenshot.

Delete user form portal

  1. Then the popup confirmation window will open and click “YES” button. The user will be removed from portal.

Portal user delete confirmation message


End users can use assigned license only. They can’t access portal page.


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