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How to get the row index of a row in SfDataGrid when using GridTemplateColumn?

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SfDataGrid provides various resolving methods to resolve the row index of grid rows based on certain criteria. The actual RowIndex of a row can be resolved by using the ResolveToRowIndex(recordRowIndex) method in SfDataGrid.

The RowIndex of a row can be obtained from GridTemplateColumn by retrieving the record index of the row using the bound data from its BindingContext and passing the recordRowIndex to the ResolveToRowIndex() method.


<sfgrid:GridTemplateColumn HeaderText="ShipCity" MappingName="ShipCity">
      <Button Clicked="button_Clicked" WidthRequest="120" Text="{Binding ShipCity}"/>



public partial class MainPage : ContentPage
     public MainPage()
     private void button_Clicked(object sender, EventArgs e)
          var button = sender as Button;
          var record = button.BindingContext as OrderInfo;
          var recordRowIndex = viewModel.OrderInfoCollection.IndexOf(record);
          var rowIndex = sfGrid.ResolveToRowIndex(recordRowIndex);



RowIndex of the row can also be accessed by using GridTapped, GridDoubleTapped and GridLongPressed events. When using complex layout inside a Template, ensure to set the InputTransparent property of the views loaded in the DataTemplate of the GridTemplateColumn as True.


Sample Link: How to get row index via button click inside GridTemplateColumn?s


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