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How to access the Azure Storage files in FileExplorer

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Manage Files Available in Azure Storage

When overriding, the particular methods were not enough so you can create a custom class using the BasicFileOperations abstract class. It helps to access the Azure Storage files in the file explorer.

Implement the following methods

When you implement a derived class of BasicFileOperations, you must provide implementations for the following methods and its details has been given in this section.


  1. Read
  2. CreateFolder
  3. Remove
  4. Rename
  5. Paste
  6. Upload
  7. Download
  8. GetDetails
  9. GetImage
  10. Search


In controller part, create an object of AzureFileOperations class as shown in the following code example.





AzureFileOperations operation = new AzureFileOperations("filebrowsercontent", "rbAvmn82fmt7oZ7N/3SXQ9+d9MiQmW2i1FzwAtPfUJL9sb2gZ/+cC6Ei1mkwSbMA1iVSy9hzH1unWfL0fPny0A==", "blob1");


After creating the object AzureFileOperations class in the controller part, call the corresponding built-in file operation handling methods available in the AzureFileOperations class based on the file operation type.

The following samples are prepared based on this:





ASP.NET Web Forms:

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