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How to achieve Doughnut Chart requirement in CircularGauge

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This article explains the steps required to design a circular gauge as a doughnut chart.

Circular gauge control can be customized as doughnut chart as follows,


1. Add Scale with suitable angles for rendering doughnut shape by using StartAngle and SweepAngle.


            <xForms:Scale ShowTicks="False" ShowLabels="False" RimColor="Black" ScaleStartOffset="0.9" ScaleEndOffset="0.7" StartAngle="180" SweepAngle="180”>


2. Use RangePointer to set the Min and Max ranges.


<xForms:RangePointer StartOffset="0.9" EndOffset="0.7" Value="60" Color="Brown"></xForms:RangePointer>       


3. Add Header to display the Min and Max values. Header position can be altered as required.


  <xForms:Header Text="60" TextSize="27" Position="0.5,0.45" ForegroundColor="Brown"/>
                <xForms:Header Text="Min" TextSize="20" Position="0.1,0.54" ForegroundColor="Black"/>
                <xForms:Header Text="Max" TextSize="20" Position="0.9,0.54" ForegroundColor="Black"/>


The following screenshot illustrates the circular gauge as doughnut chart.

SfCircularGauge control as Doughnut Chart




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