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How to handle hyperlink events in application

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Hyperlink event allows to perform the customized action in your application when hyperlink is clicked in a report. The following section describes the details to add hyperlink to report and handle the customized action in application.

Adding a Hyperlink action

You can add a hyperlink to report items in RDL/RDLC reports with the help of Action properties. The below steps guide you to do this with the help of WPF Syncfusion Report Designer.

  • In design view of report, right-click the report items, then click Properties.

Right click the report item and select properties

  • In the properties dialog, select Action tab and choose Go to URL options.

Select Action tab and choose Go to URL

Specify the URL

  • Click OK.

Handling event in application

The hyperlink event can be registered in XAML or code behind as like following code snippet,


        <sync:ReportViewer x:Name="Viewer" ReportPath="../../Resources/GroupingAgg.rdl" ProcessingMode="Remote" Hyperlink="Hyperlink_clicked"/>



Viewer.Hyperlink += new HyperlinkEventHandler(Hyperlink_clicked);


You can implement the customized action in the event handler method and set Cancel argument as true to true to ignore the report action. The following demonstrates opening a new custom window in application when hyperlink action is raised.


private void Hyperlink_clicked(object sender, HyperlinkEventArgs e)
     e.Cancel = true; // Set Cancel to true, else it will launch the hyperlink provided in report.
     CustomWindow CustomWindow = new CustomWindow();
     CustomWindow.Owner = this;









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