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How to resolve application crash while saving images to device gallery?

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When you try to save image in device’s gallery by using image editor, the application may get crash. By default, the application does not have permission to access images in device. To resolve this crash, follow the given steps.


How to resolve application crash in Android project?


To resolve application crash in Android, you should grant read and write permissions to application. Refer the following steps to resolve application crash.

Step 1:  Right-click the Android project, and select Properties.







Step 2: Click Android Manifest, and select READ-EXTERNAL-STORAGE and WRITE-EXTERNAL_STORAGE.





How to resolve application crash in iOS project?


To resolve the application crash in iOS, you must add the following privacy settings into the Info.plist file.


Refer the following steps to resolve application crash.


Step 1:  Expand the iOS project, and select Info.plist file.





Step 2: Add Privacy-Media Libarary Usage Description, Privay-Camera Usage Description, and Privacy-Photo LibraryDescription in Info.plist file.






How to resolve the application crash in UWP?


To resolve this application crash in UWP, you should install Windows Runtime API Win2D, which is used for 2D graphics rendering in Universal Windows Platforms.  


Refer the following steps to resolve application crash.

Step 1: Right-click the UWP project, and select Manage NuGet Packages.





Step 2: In NuGet Manager, click browse Win2D, and then click Install.





Step 3: Please ensure that the NuGet has been installed properly.




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