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Alignment of the Diagram Nodes

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In WinForms Diagram Control, we can align the diagram nodes by using Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Diagram..Model’s “AlignmentType” property. The AlignmentType is as Enum which has two types and its explained in below, 




It used to align the node based on the position of the first node contains SelectionList.  

For example:  

If the diagram contains 3 text nodes i.e. TextNode1, TextNode2 and TextNode3.  In the Diagram.View’s “SelectionList” contains the First Node is TextNode2. Then the others nodes aligned based on the TextNode2’s position.  




diagram1.Model.AlignmentType = AlignmentType.SelectedNode;




diagram1.Model.AlignmentType = AlignmentType.SelectedNode





It is used to align the nodes based on the total bounds area of the selected nodes.  




diagram1.Model.AlignmentType = AlignmentType.BoundingRectangle;




diagram1.Model.AlignmentType = AlignmentType.BoundingRectangle





The default value of the Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Diagram..Model’s “AlignmentType” property is SelectedNode.





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