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How to get the summary values of GridSummaryRow in WinForms GridGroupingControl?

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In order to get the summary values of a summary row, GridEngine.GetSummaryText() method can be used.


 //Event Subscription
this.gridGroupingControl1.SourceListListChangedCompleted += GridGroupingControl1_SourceListListChangedCompleted;
//Event Customization
private void GridGroupingControl1_SourceListListChangedCompleted(object sender, TableListChangedEventArgs e)
    int row = this.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.RowCount;
    var rec = this.gridGroupingControl1.Table.DisplayElements[row];
    GridSummaryRow sr = rec as GridSummaryRow;
    if (sr != null)
        foreach (GridSummaryColumnDescriptor scd in sr.SummaryRowDescriptor.SummaryColumns)
            string result = GridEngine.GetSummaryText(sr.ParentGroup, scd);
            this.textBox1.Text = result;



'Event Subscription
AddHandler Me.gridGroupingControl1.SourceListListChangedCompleted, AddressOf GridGroupingControl1_SourceListListChangedCompleted
'Event Customization
Private Sub GridGroupingControl1_SourceListListChangedCompleted(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As TableListChangedEventArgs)
    Dim row As Integer = Me.gridGroupingControl1.TableModel.RowCount
    Dim rec = Me.gridGroupingControl1.Table.DisplayElements(row)
    Dim sr As GridSummaryRow = TryCast(rec, GridSummaryRow)
    If sr IsNot Nothing Then
       For Each scd As GridSummaryColumnDescriptor In sr.SummaryRowDescriptor.SummaryColumns
 Dim result As String = GridEngine.GetSummaryText(sr.ParentGroup, scd)
 Me.textBox1.Text = result
       Next scd
    End If
End Sub



Get the summary values of grid summary row



C#: Get summary values_CS

VB: Get summary values_VB

Reference link:

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