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How to customize the RadialColorPalette items outline color in WinForms RadialMenu?

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Customize the RadialColorPalette items

RadialColorPalette can be used as sub item of RadialMenu to update the color. RadialColorPalette and its sub-palette outlines colors can be customized by BackColor property of RadialMenu. Please make use of the below code example.


//Used to set the BackColor of Radial Color Palette
this.radialMenu1.BackColor = Color.Yellow;
//RadialColorPalette/RadialMenu Item BackColor
this.radialColorPalette1.ItemBackColor = Color.Violet;


'Used to set the BackColor of Radial Color Palette
Me.radialMenu1.BackColor = Color.Yellow
'RadialColorPalette Item BackColor
Me.radialColorPalette1.ItemBackColor = Color.Violet



Customize the RadialColorPalette outline color

Figure: RadialColorPalette outline color customization.



C#: RadialColorPaletteExample

VB: RadialColorPaletteExample

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