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How to show tooltip for the tab header in WinForms TabbedMDIManager?

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We can set tooltip text for header of tab items in the TabbedMDIManager on MouseMouse of TabControl. It can be achieved by SetToolTip method based on the mouse position and tab bounds. The following code demonstrates the same.


Form2 f1 = new Form2();
Form3 f2 = new Form3();
Form4 f3 = new Form4();
TabControlAdv tabcontrol;
tabbedMDIManager1.TabControlAdded += TabbedMDIManager1_TabControlAdded;
tabbedMDIManager1.TabStyle = typeof(Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.TabRendererWorkbookMode);
//For MDI Forms
f1.MdiParent = this;
f2.MdiParent = this;
f3.MdiParent = this;
private void TabbedMDIManager1_TabControlAdded(object sender, Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.TabbedMDITabControlEventArgs args)
  tabcontrol = args.TabControl;
  tabcontrol.ActiveTabColor = Color.Green;
  tabcontrol.ActiveTabForeColor = Color.White;
  tabcontrol.InactiveTabColor = Color.Brown;
  tabcontrol.InActiveTabForeColor = Color.Yellow;
  tabcontrol.TabPanelBackColor = Color.LightGray;
  tabcontrol.ItemSize = new Size(30, 30);
  if(tabcontrol != null)
    //For Tooltip
    tabcontrol.MouseMove += Tabcontrol_MouseMove;
private void Tabcontrol_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
  for (int i = 0; i < tabcontrol.TabPages.Count; i++)
    Rectangle r = tabcontrol.GetTabRect(i);
    if (r.Contains(e.Location) && toolTip1.GetToolTip(tabcontrol).ToString() != tabcontrol.TabPages[i].Text)
      //Set ToolTip Text
      toolTip1.SetToolTip(tabcontrol, tabcontrol.TabPages[i].Text);


Private f1 As New Form2()
Private f2 As New Form3()
Private f3 As New Form4()
Private tabcontrol As TabControlAdv
AddHandler tabbedMDIManager1.TabControlAdded, AddressOf TabbedMDIManager1_TabControlAdded
tabbedMDIManager1.TabStyle = GetType(Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.TabRendererWorkbookMode)
'For MDI Forms
f1.MdiParent = Me
f2.MdiParent = Me
f3.MdiParent = Me
Private Sub TabbedMDIManager1_TabControlAdded(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal args As Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.TabbedMDITabControlEventArgs)
  tabcontrol = args.TabControl
  tabcontrol.ActiveTabColor = Color.Green
  tabcontrol.ActiveTabForeColor = Color.White
  tabcontrol.InactiveTabColor = Color.Brown
  tabcontrol.InActiveTabForeColor = Color.Yellow
  tabcontrol.TabPanelBackColor = Color.LightGray
  tabcontrol.ItemSize = New Size(30, 30)
  If tabcontrol IsNot Nothing Then
    'For Tooltip
    AddHandler tabcontrol.MouseMove, AddressOf Tabcontrol_MouseMove
  End If
End Sub
Private Sub Tabcontrol_MouseMove(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As MouseEventArgs)
  For i As Integer = 0 To tabcontrol.TabPages.Count - 1
    Dim r As Rectangle = tabcontrol.GetTabRect(i)
    If r.Contains(e.Location) AndAlso toolTip1.GetToolTip(tabcontrol).ToString() <> 
tabcontrol.TabPages(i).Text Then
      'Set ToolTip Text
      toolTip1.SetToolTip(tabcontrol, tabcontrol.TabPages(i).Text)
      Exit For
    End If
  Next i
End Sub



Show tooltip hover on the tab header in TabbedMDIManager



C#:  TabbedMDIManagerSample

VB: TabbedMDIManagerSample


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