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How to hide border of items in SfAccordion?

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User can hide the border of SfAccordionItems. It can be achieved by setting the BorderThickness property value in ItemContainerStyle of the SfAccordion. The following code demonstrates the same.


Code Example: [Xaml]


<layout:SfAccordion x:Name="accordion" Grid.Row="1" Width="300" Height="250" >
<Style TargetType="layout:SfAccordionItem">
<!-- Set Border Thickness -->
<Setter Property="BorderThickness" Value="0"/>
<layout:SfAccordionItem Header="WPF"/>
<layout:SfAccordionItem Header="Silverlight"/>
<layout:SfAccordionItem Header="WinRT"/>
<layout:SfAccordionItem Header="Windows Phone"/>
<layout:SfAccordionItem Header="Universal"/>




Screenshot in SfAccordionItems


Sample:  SfAccordionBorderSample



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