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How to set AtomationID for ListViewItem in SfListView?

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The SfListView items can be automat in application level by setting the AutomationId. It can be set using ItemAppearing event for the ListViewItem like below code snippet.


public partial class GroupingPage : ContentPage 
        public GroupingPage() 
            listView.ItemAppearing += ListView_ItemAppearing; 
        private void ListView_ItemAppearing(object sender, ItemAppearingEventArgs e) 
            var layout = listView.LayoutManager as LinearLayout; 
            var rowItems = layout.GetType().GetRuntimeFields().First(p => p.Name =="items").GetValue(layout) as IList; 
            foreach (ListViewItemInfo iteminfo in rowItems) 
                if (iteminfo.Element != null && iteminfo.Element.AutomationId == null) 
                    iteminfo.Element.AutomationId = "ID"; 



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