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Syncfusion.Licensing error when using File Format library in .NET Standard

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Syncfusion Licensing error may occur under the below scenario for the File Format assemblies in .NET Standard.. 

  1. New Project -> ASP.NET Core Web Application
  2. Select .NET Framework  

  1. Add Syncfusion.DocIO.Net.Core (or other File Format NuGet) from
  2. Use the below code snippet, the below exception occurs  


If this is the scenario you are using, we suggest you to use ”Syncfusion.DocIO. WinForms” NuGet which is available in the below NuGet feed to overcome this issue. 


Also, we recommend using the following NuGet packages in your ASP.NET Core application based on your targeting framework. 


Target framework 

Package Name 

NuGet feed source 

.NET Framework 

Syncfusion.DocIO. WinForms

Syncfusion.Pdf. WinForms

Syncfusion.Presentation. WinForms

Syncfusion.XlsIO. WinForms


.Net Core 


Syncfusion.Pdf. Net.Core

Syncfusion.Presentation. Net.Core

Syncfusion.XlsIO. Net.Core


The below link describes how to refer the packages from the NuGet link. 


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