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How to change the ValidationMode of the GridNumericColumn in WinForms DataGrid (SfDataGrid)?

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Change the validationmode

Validation for the entered value in a numeric column can be done at KeyPress or LostFocus. The default validation mode is KeyPress. You can change the validation mode to LostFocus in the OnInitializeEditElement method by overriding the numeric cell renderer.


public Form1()
    sfDataGrid.CellRenderers["Numeric"] = new CustomNumericCellRenderer();
public class CustomNumericCellRenderer : GridNumericCellRenderer
    protected override void OnInitializeEditElement(DataColumnBase column, Syncfusion.WinForms.GridCommon.ScrollAxis.RowColumnIndex rowColumnIndex, Syncfusion.WinForms.Input.SfNumericTextBox uiElement)
        base.OnInitializeEditElement(column, rowColumnIndex, uiElement);
        uiElement.ValidationMode = Syncfusion.WinForms.Input.Enums.ValidationMode.LostFocus;


Public Sub New()
 sfDataGrid.CellRenderers("Numeric") = New CustomNumericCellRenderer()
End Sub
Public Class CustomNumericCellRenderer
 Inherits GridNumericCellRenderer
 Protected Overrides Sub OnInitializeEditElement(ByVal column As DataColumnBase, ByVal rowColumnIndex As Syncfusion.WinForms.GridCommon.ScrollAxis.RowColumnIndex, ByVal uiElement As      Syncfusion.WinForms.Input.SfNumericTextBox)
  MyBase.OnInitializeEditElement(column, rowColumnIndex, uiElement)
  uiElement.ValidationMode = Syncfusion.WinForms.Input.Enums.ValidationMode.LostFocus
 End Sub
End Class


C#: ValidationMode

VB: ValidationMode

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