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How to create BlackoutDates in DateTimeEdit control?

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The BlackoutDates can be added in the calendar using BlackOutDates property.

BlackOutDates property is of type BlackDatesCollection which is used to set the range of Dates using BlackOutDatesRange property

This property contains the two value such as StartDate and EndDate.

StartDate – This property used to indicate the Starting range of Dates.

EndDate  - This property used to indicate the end range of Dates.

Please find the code for the same:


<syncfusion:CalendarEdit x:Name="pickCalendar"  HorizontalAlignment="Left"   Margin="10,10,0,0" VerticalAlignment="Top"  />




BlackoutDatesRange blackOutDays = new BlackoutDatesRange();
blackOutDays = new BlackoutDatesRange() { StartDate = new DateTime(2018, 08, 09), EndDate = new DateTime(2018, 08, 20) };




                                                   Fig i: Screenshot shows the Calendar with BlackOutDates

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