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How to dynamically bind the series from code behind

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How to dynamically bind the series from code behind?

Essential chart supports dynamically binding the series from code behind. To bind the series dynamically from code behind, create a sample by giving points in the code behind and bind the data source to the chart. After binding the data source, create a series object using code behind. In the series, you must map the x and y values to the respective fields using the xName and yName properties, respectively. Then, add the series into the chart. Kindly find the code snippet below,


//Assigning points in code behind

List<ChartData> data = new List<ChartData>();

data.Add(new ChartData(2005, 28));

data.Add(new ChartData(2006, 25));

data.Add(new ChartData(2007, 26));

data.Add(new ChartData(2008, 27));

data.Add(new ChartData(2009, 32));

data.Add(new ChartData(2010, 35));


//Assigning series in code behind

Series series = new Series();

series.XName = "Xvalue";

series.YName = "YValue1";

series.Name = "Dynamic Series";

series.Fill = "red";



//Binding Datasource to Chart

this.Chart1.DataSource = data;


//Create chart in client-side


<ej:Chart ClientIDMode="Static" ID="Chart1" runat="server" IsResponsive="true" >




Dynamically bounded the series from code behindSample link:




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