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How to render DataForm using FSharp application in Xamarin.Forms?

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This article explains how to render DataForm using FSharp application in Xamarin.Forms.


Define the properties in the model class.


   type ContactForm() =     
    member val Name = "John" with get,set
    member val Age= "20" with get,set
    member val Address = "" with get,set
    member val Email = "" with get,set 


In the main page, load the DataForm content in the FSharp project.


    type DataFormFSharp() = 
    inherit ContentPage()
    let _ = base.LoadFromXaml(typeof<DataFormFSharp>)    
    let dataForm = base.FindByName<SfDataForm>("dataForm")       
    type App() = 
    inherit Application(MainPage = DataFormFSharp()) 


Bind the view model to the ContentPage, and include DataForm inside a StackLayout. This is a function that takes the model and returns a UI based on the model.


        <StackLayout Orientation="Vertical"
            <dataForm:SfDataForm x:Name="dataForm"
                             VerticalOptions ="FillAndExpand"
                              DataObject="{Binding ContactInformation}"


Set the ContactForm model class in the view model class of the application.


type ViewModel() =     

    member val ContactInformation = ContactForm() with get, set


Sample Demo: DataFormFSharp

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