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Starting with version (2019 Volume 1) Syncfusion will no longer publish the NuGet packages in All Syncfusion Essential Studio components are available in from version (2018 Vol 2 Service Pack 1). So, if already using the feed link to install/update Syncfusion NuGet packages, remove the Syncfusion NuGet feed link from NuGet.config using NuGet Package Manager Settings.


Remove the Syncfusion feed link using NuGet Package Manager Settings

Follow the below steps to remove the Syncfusion NuGet feed link. 

  1. Open any Visual Studio.
  2. Choose Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Package Manager Settings in Visual Studio menu. Select Package Manager Settings menu option



  1. NuGet Package Manager dialog will open, choose the Package Sources option. Select Package Sources from NuGet Package Manager dialog



  1. Select already configured source with Syncfusion NuGet feed (The source starts with and remove the feed link from available package sources by clicking the Remove button and click OK button. Modify Syncfusion Package source feed link 

    Do the step 4 if configured with multiple source with Syncfusion feed link for different platforms. Syncfusion continues the NuGet publishing in for Dashboard and Reports platform.


Install Syncfusion NuGet packages from


  1. Choose Manage NuGet Packages option from currently working project. Select Manage NuGet Packages menu option


  1. Make sure that the or All package source is selected in Package source. Select Package source


  1. Search the Syncfusion NuGet packages in search box using Syncfusion keyword or package name. Search required Syncfusion Xamarin NuGet packages



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