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How to add custom view with bounds in the Xamarin.Forms SfImageEditor control

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This article explains how to add a custom view with bounds and rotatable elements in the Xamarin.Forms Syncfusion SfImageEditor control.


Step 1: Create an SfImageEditor sample with all the necessary assemblies.

Refer to this Getting started documentation to create a simple SfImageEditor sample and configure it.


Step 2: Set the RotatableElements property to ImageEditorElements.CustomView to rotate, resize the CustomView, and to add custom FooterToolbarItem using the Text and Icon properties with SubItems.



imageEditor.RotatableElements = ImageEditorElements.CustomView;
            var footerToolbarItem = new FooterToolbarItem() { Icon = ImageSource.FromResource("IE_Sample.Icons.ITypogy3.png"), Text = "CustomView" };
            footerToolbarItem.SubItems = new ObservableCollection<Syncfusion.SfImageEditor.XForms.ToolbarItem>()
                new Syncfusion.SfImageEditor.XForms.ToolbarItem() { Name = "CustomView1", Icon = ImageSource.FromResource("IE_Sample.Icons.ITypogy1.png") ,Text="ITypogy1" },
                new Syncfusion.SfImageEditor.XForms.ToolbarItem() { Name = "CustomView2", Icon = ImageSource.FromResource("IE_Sample.Icons.ITypogy2.png") ,Text="ITypogy2" }


Step 3: Get the respective toolbar items as an argument using the ToolbarItemSelected event.



imageEditor.ToolbarSettings.ToolbarItemSelected += ToolbarSettings_ToolbarItemSelected;


        private void ToolbarSettings_ToolbarItemSelected(object sender, ToolbarItemSelectedEventArgs e)
            if (e.ToolbarItem.Name == "CustomView1")
            if (e.ToolbarItem.Name == "CustomView2")


Step 4: Add a custom view to an image using the AddCustomView method in the ImageEditor control. Specify a custom view with bounds as demonstrated in the following code sample.



        private void AddCustomView(string imageName)
            var sampleName = "IE_Sample.Icons." + imageName + ".png";
            Image customImage = new Image();
            customImage.Source = ImageSource.FromResource(sampleName);
            imageEditor.AddCustomView(customImage, new CustomViewSettings() { Bounds = new Rectangle(0, 0, 25, 25), CanMaintainAspectRatio = true, Angle = 45 });


View the sample from the GitHub




CustomView with bounds using xamarin SfImageEditor


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