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How do I configure my VS ToolBox manually?

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How do I configure my VS ToolBox manually?

Inorder to configure the VS ToolBox manually, please refer the following steps.

1) Open the Assembly Manager from,

Start --> All Programs --> Syncfusion --> Essential Studio --> Utilities --> Assembly Manager.

2) Select 'Remove all' versions and then click 'perform action'. All the Syncfusion assemblies in the GAC and the public assemblies folder will be removed.

3) Now copy the assemblies from the precompiled assemblies folder and then place it in the public assemblies folder. Drag and drop the assemblies from there in to the GAC.

4) Add a new tab in the VS toolbox named Syncfusion. Drag and drop the Syncfusion assemblies from the public assemblies folder in to the VS ToolBox tab.

Now the Syncfusion Tools will be added in the ToolBox. Inorder to verify, once you drag and drop a control from the toolbox in to the form, the dependant assembly references(Syncfusion.Core, etc.) should be added to the project's reference tree.


GAC - C:\Windows\Assembly

Public Assemblies - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Common7\IDE\PublicAssemblies

Precompiled Assemblies - C:\Program Files\Syncfusion\Essential Studio\\Precompiledassemblies\\1.1

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