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How to freeze rows and coloumns in SpreadsheetControl?

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SpreadsheetControl provides you with a feature that enables you to freeze rows or columns of the spreadsheet, while scrolling.  To apply the freeze panes, there are two ways in Spreadsheet.

By Ribbon:

Go to the Views tab and click the Freeze Pane button. Select any of the three following options:

  • FreezePanes- Freeze the row and column before the CurrentCell.
  • FreezeTopRow- Freeze top row only.
  • FreezeFirstColumn- Freeze the first column only.

By Code:

You can specify the number of FrozenRows and FrozenColumns to freeze the range of rows and columns. If you want to keep the freeze range in saved work sheet, invoke FreezePanes method of specified range.


//To freeze 5 rows and 3 columns.
this.spreadSheetControl.WorkbookLoaded += SpreadSheetControl_WorkbookLoaded;
private void SpreadSheetControl_WorkbookLoaded(object sender, Syncfusion.UI.Xaml.Spreadsheet.Helpers.WorkbookLoadedEventArgs args)
    //To maintain the freeze state in saved work sheet.
    spreadSheetControl.Workbook.ActiveSheet.Range[5, 3].FreezePanes();
    //To freeze the rows and columns in the view
    var gridModel = spreadSheetControl.ActiveGrid;
    gridModel.FrozenColumns = 3;
    gridModel.FrozenRows = 5;


Download the sample demo from Github.

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