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How to view Bing map using WPF Map control (SfMap)

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This article explains how to show the external geospatial imagery resources for deep-zoom satellite viewing (Bing Map) in Syncfusion WPF map control as shown in the following image.


Bing Map using WPF Map


This can be achieved by using the LayerType property in ImageryLayer as shown in the following steps:


Step 1: To enable this feature, define Bing as LayerType.


Step 2: Provide the bing Map Key to the BingMapKey property and that key has been obtained from this link.


Step 3: Provide the desired BingMapStyle from the available three types:


  1. Aerial View
  2. Road View and
  3. AerialWithLabel View


Please refer the following code reference, for more details.



                <syncfusion:ImageryLayer LayerType="Bing" BingMapKey="Your Bing Map Key " BingMapStyle="Aerial" />



SfMap syncMap = new SfMap();
ImageryLayer imageryLayer = new ImageryLayer()
LayerType = LayerType.Bing,
BingMapKey = "Your Bing Map key",
BingMapStyle = BingMapStyle.Aerial,


View the sample in GitHub.


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