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How to bind the SQLite Database to the Xamarin.Forms Chart?

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This article demonstrates the connection establishment with the SQLite database, and bind the retrieving data from database to the Xamarin.Forms Chart (SfChart).


Let us start learning how to work with the Xamarin.Forms Chart using the SQLite database with the following steps:


Step 1: Add the  SQLite reference in your project. 


Step 2: Create the database access class as follows,


public class ChartDatabase
        readonly SQLiteConnection _database;
        public ChartDatabase(string dbPath)
            _database = new SQLiteConnection(dbPath);
         //Get the list of ChartDataModel items from the database
        public List<ChartDataModel> GetChartDataModel()
            return _database.Table<ChartDataModel>().ToList();
        //Insert an item in the database
        public int SaveChartDataModelAsync(ChartDataModel chartDataModel)
            if (chartDataModel == null)
                throw new Exception("Null");
            return _database.Insert(chartDataModel);
         //Delete an item in the database 
        public int DeleteChartDataModelAsync(ChartDataModel chartDataModel)
            return _database.Delete(chartDataModel);



public partial class App : Application
        public static ChartDatabase Database
                if (database == null)
                     database = new ChartDatabase(Path.Combine( 
                return database;


Step 3: Now, create the following Model for the Chart data.


public class ChartDataModel
        public string XValue { get; set; }
        public double YValue { get; set; }




Step 4: Bind the retrieved data from Database to SfChart.


            <chart:SfChart x:Name="chart" HorizontalOptions="FillAndExpand" 
                    <chart:ColumnSeries ItemsSource="{Binding Data}" XBindingPath="XValue" 


Retrieving the database data of Chart as follows.


public partial class ChartSample : ContentPage
      public ChartSample ()
             InitializeComponent ();
             (BindingContext as ViewModel).Data = App.Database.GetChartDataModel();


 Displaying the database data in a ListView.


Initial page to display the SQLite database data



Inserting an data item in the database.



Inserting an item to the database.



Output after inserting a data into the database.


After inserting data into the database.





Chart output based on the database data.


Display the chart with generated data

Download the complete sample here



I hope you enjoyed learning how to bind the SQLite Database to the Xamarin.Forms Chart.

You can refer to our Xamarin. Forms Chart feature tour page to know about its other groundbreaking feature representations and documentation, and how to quickly get started for configuration specifications. You can also explore our Xamarin. Forms Charts example to understand how to create and manipulate data.

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