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How to retrieve the expanding Accordion item index in Xamarin.Forms (SfAccordion)?

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You can get the index of AccordionItem when expanding in Xamarin.Forms SfAccordion.


You can get the index from the ExpandingAndCollapsingEventArgs of the Expanding event.

namespace AccordionXamarin.Behavior
    public class Behavior : Behavior<SfAccordion>
        SfAccordion Accordion;
        protected override void OnAttachedTo(SfAccordion bindable)
            Accordion = bindable;
            Accordion.Expanding += Accordion_Expanding;
        private void Accordion_Expanding(object sender, ExpandingAndCollapsingEventArgs e)
            App.Current.MainPage.DisplayAlert("", "AccordionItem expanded at index " + e.Index, "Ok");

View sample in GitHub

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