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How to validate the fields of custom appointment form - JS Schedule?

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The following steps show how to validate the fields added within the Schedule Custom Appointment window.


Step 1: Create Schedule sample with the Custom Appointment window by referring to the following links.

Sample Location:!/azure/schedule/CustomWindow

Help document Location: Using Customized Appointment window: 


Step 2: Create the necessary customization Style class, and add it to the required fields within the Custom appointment window for validation purpose as follows.


    .error {
            background-color: #FF8A8A;
    .validation {
        border-color: red;



<script type="text/javascript">
    $("#subject").focusout(function () {
        if ($.trim($("#subject").val()) == "") { 
            $("#subject").addClass("validation");  // Validates subject.
            return false;
    $("#customdescription").focusout(function () {
        if ($.trim($("#customdescription").val()) == "") {
            $("#customdescription").addClass("validation");  // Validates description.
            return false;
    $("#EndTime").focusout(function () {
        if (new Date($("#EndTime").val()).getDate() >= new Date($("#StartTime").val()).getDate()) {
            if (new Date($("#StartTime").val()).getTime() >= new Date($("#EndTime").val()).getTime())         // Validates Time Interval.
                alert("End Time value is less than the Start Time value");


Step 3: Now, run the sample. Open the appointment window. Click the submit button without filling the subject and description fields. Then, check also for all other field validations as shown in the following screenshots.


Error in the field value

Figure 1: Error in the field value


Date time validation displayed in the alert message

Figure 2: Date time validation displayed in the alert message


Custom appointment form displayed without any error

Figure 3: Custom appointment form displayed without any error

Sample Link:


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