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What are the definitions for the transferPage API parameters?

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Transferpage function helps the user to transfer a HTML page from the current page via AJAX. This function accepts arguments like fromPage, toPage, options, and isAjax.

  1. The first argument accepts the appview object.
  2. The second argument accepts the URL, or string type, of the page to be navigated.
  3. The third argument accepts a JSON data that contains the transfer page options.
  4. The fourth argument accepts Boolean value that is used to identity whether the page can be loaded from AJAX or not.


The Option data object, that is the third argument, contains the following object properties:

  1. transition - Specifies the type of transition effects like slide, pop, and turn.
  2. reverse - Specifies the reverse direction of the current transition when it is set to True.
  3. changeHash - Specifies the new hash label that is to be appended to the URL.
  4. fromHashChange - Specifies the old hash label that was appended to the URL.
  5. hashMonitoring - Specifies whether the State maintenance is enabled or not.
  6. Direction - Specifies the transition direction.
  7. parentSubpage - To activate current page as a subpage, instead of navigating the whole page, specified container is navigated, you need to set this property as True.
  8. pageUrl - Specifies the current page URL.
  9. title - Specifies title text for the page.
  10.  URL - Specifies the URL to be shown in the address bar.
  11.  isFromAJAX - Specifies whether the page is to be loaded from Ajax or not.
  12.  hash - Specifies the current hash label.
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