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What is the use of pieCoefficient property?

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The pieCoefficient property determines the size of Pie Chart based on the available size in Chart area. It takes value from 0 to 1. The default value of this property is 0.8. That is, by default, Pie Chart takes 80 percentage of the available size (size allocated to render Pie series after placing legend and data labels) in Chart area. The following code example illustrates this.


    chartArea: {
        border: { color: 'black', width:2 }
    commonSeriesOptions: {
        type: 'pie',
        pieCoefficient: 0.7

The following screenshot illustrates the Pie Chart taking 70% of available space in Chart area.

The use of pieCoefficient property

Figure 1: Pie Chart taking 70% of available space in Chart area

JS Playground sample link: Pie coefficient

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