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How to override the platform-specific appearance of the Mobile Controls?

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Native appearance of the Mobile controls can be overridden and can be made to render in the desired Mode by using the rendermode property. In the following code example, how to make the listview to render Android look and feel in all devices is given.


<div data-role="ejmlistview" id="defaultlistview" data-ej-rendermode="android">
                <li data-ej-text="Artwork"></li>
                <li data-ej-text="Abstract"></li>
                <li data-ej-text="2 Acrylic Mediums"></li>
                <li data-ej-text="Creative Acrylic"></li>
                <li data-ej-text="Modern Painting"></li>

When the rendermode is set as Android, and you open the control in iOS or Windows device, the control renders with the Android look and feel.

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