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How to render a port using PathData?

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Render a custom shaped port using PathData

In jQuery Diagram you can create port of complex shapes by assigning path string to port’s pathData property. For more information about port, refer to Port.

The following code illustrates how to create a star shaped port using pathData property and add it to nodes port array.


var node = {
 ports: [{
  name: "port1",
  offset: {s: 0, y: 0.5},
  fillColor: "yellow"
  shape: ej.datavisualization.Diagram.PortShapes.Path,
  pathData: "M540.3643,137.9336L546.7973,159.7016L570.3633,159.7296L550.7723,171.9366L558.9053,194.9966L540.3643,179.4996L521.8223,194.9966L529.9553,171.9366L510.3633,159.7296L533.9313,159.7016L540.3643,137.9336z ",
  visibility: ej.datavisualization.Diagram.PortVisibility.Visible



Node node = new Node();
Port port = new Port();
port.Name = "port1";
port.Offset = new DiagramPoint(0f, 0.5f);
port.FillColor = "yellow";
port.Shape = PortShapes.Path;
port.PathData = "M540.3643,137.9336L546.7973,159.7016L570.3633,159.7296L550.7723,171.9366L558.9053,194.9966L540.3643,179.4996L521.8223,194.9966L529.9553,171.9366L510.3633,159.7296L533.9313,159.7016L540.3643,137.9336z ";
port.Visibility = PortVisibility.Visible;


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